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The Baltimore Sun’s Bradley Olson and Jeff Barker reported this morning that the U.S. Naval Academy neglected to administer piss tests for almost two months to five football players who admitted to andro use last season. I’m no doctor, but that should be enough time for the tests results to have no bearing on the prior confessions.

There’s no truth to the rumor, by the way, that Rio Ferdinand has been offered a full scholarship to the Naval Academy.

It would be unfair, however, to imply there’s no standards whatsoever being upheld in the U.S. Navy, as evidenced by the following note in today’s Miami Herald by Armando Salguero :

Despite initial reports indicating Dolphins fullback Kyle Eckel had received an early discharge from the Navy so he could play in the NFL, Eckel actually was kicked out of the Navy for an undisclosed reason, The Navy Times reported Friday.

On Nov. 2, three days after his involuntary discharge, Eckel joined the Dolphins after a year on the team’s reserve/military list. As a result of being dismissed, Eckel now owes the Navy $96,229.56 for not fulfilling his service commitment, the newspaper report.
The 100% Clean Midshipmen are beating up on Temple this afternoon, 42-6, with about 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter.

The commentary crew working Minnesota’s 34-24 win over Iowa insists the former’s victory makes the Gophers (6-6, 3-5 in the Big Ten) eligible for a bowl. Remarkably, the 6-6 Hawkeyes (2-6 down the stretch) are bowl eligible, too. Surely I’m not the only person dying to see a rematch?

Full credit to Florida’s Urban Myer for resisting the temptation to take it easy on Western Carolina today.

It says something about my total lack of respect, perspective, etc. that I was hoping someone would call Bill Freider yesterday for a quote on Bo Schembechler’s passing. It didn’t even have to be a reporter, it could’ve just been these guys with the tape recording running.