“Animal feces clogs the deck. Walls are punched out on different levels of the house. One even has an autograph. Pizza boxes and beer bottles are piled on the kitchen granite. ”  But hey, so much for a guided tour of 12XU‘s offices.  It seems when Eric and Jessica Ko-Dalzell purchased the Sammamish, WA foreclosed mansion that previously belonged to 2004 first-round pick Robert Swift, they had a reasonable expectation the 7-footer wouldn’t still be living there.  After two months waiting for Swift to vacate, it seems the unhappy couple discovered he’d left the premises in less than tip-top condition.  From KOMO TV :

Multiple guns were found in the home. Some appear to be air guns, but live ammo was also found. Dalzell said they also found a handgun.

A makeshift shooting range is in the basement storage area. Eric Dalzell said load-bearing beams have graze marks from bullets, and part of the home’s foundation appeared to stop some of the slugs.

A box of letters from colleges around the nation sat pushed against a downstairs wall. It looked like another trash box. Crests and logos of UCLA, Arizona, UConn and others are jammed together as untold memories of what could have been for Swift.