“Most of these Orioles weren’t born when Joan Jett was on top of the music world,” muses the Baltimore Sun’s Dan Connolly, “but surely the support was much appreciated.”  Jett sent the 2012 pennant contending O’s a fan letter and a box of swag Connolly suggests might fall on deaf ears in the Baltimore clubhouse, but really it could be worse.  At least the Orioles weren’t presented with the “Arlis$$” DVD box set.

Jett sent a letter this week to the Orioles that was posted on the bulletin board in the home clubhouse. She wrote about how her dad took her to Memorial Stadium on Aug. 13, 1969, which was the date of Jim Palmer’s no-hitter against the Oakland A’s.

She wrote that she’s been taking her iPad on stage and hiding it next to her amp so she can check the Orioles’ scores this year.

It got me thinking about some of the other celebrity Orioles’ fans out there. There are some obvious ones with Baltimore connections like writer/directors/producers John Waters, Barry Levinson and David Simon. Game show host Pat Sajak has a home in Severna Park and always stops in to say hello during spring training.

Actor Billy Bob Thornton grew up in Little Rock a huge Brooks Robinson — and consequently Orioles — fan. He has an autographed Robinson glove on a shelf next to his Oscar.

Actor/comedian Robert Wuhl also has been at spring training games in the past sporting an Orioles’ hat or windbreaker.