Gerard was crazy kind enough to invite me along on this venture of his. So I thought I should start with a quick, introductory handshake.

My name’s Kevin, and I’m a sports copy editor at a newspaper in the southwest, so why I’ve decided to read/follow sports copy for spare-time leisure is beyond me. Also, I have a music blog (gratuitous link).

I was born in Chicago, so I’m a Cubs/Bulls/Bears fan. The Blackhawks play hockey, so I don’t associate with them. I went to Arizona State and I’m still not sure what to make of the Dennis Erickson hiring. I believe Herb Sendek is good for the ASU men’s basketball team but that Lute Olson (above) probably will outlive me and continue to punish my Sun Devils long after I leave. He is the devil.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming.