While tracking the fascinating tale of Jeff Bagwell’s wife selling advertising space on her chest, I found the following gems, courtesy of the Houston Chronicle’s Ken Hoffman :

¢I found this in a newsgroup on the Internet: Ever notice how Casper the Friendly Ghost never has any friends at the beginning of each cartoon? But by the end, everybody likes him? Then at the beginning of the next cartoon, he’s back to not having any friends again.
I think Casper needs to see Dr. Phil.

¢That’s almost as weird as the old Superman series. A robber would fire a gun at Superman, and the Man of Steel would just stand there, letting the bullets bounce off his chest. After all the bullets were gone, the robber would throw his gun at Superman ” and Superman would duck.

¢The best part of the hockey strike: Valuable time during the sports segment on TV news isn’t wasted on hockey highlights. That leaves more room for basketball slam dunks and news.

For those wondering how Mike Barnicle kept a job for so many years, it might’ve had something to do with the quality of the competition.