Duke 97, Texas 66

So much for the theory that Duke would be vulnerable against a bigger, more athletic team. Texas’ Brad Buckman was a non-factor (an early calf injury to go along with the hip troubles he’s still recovering from) and Duke’s J.J. Redick (above) was postively otherwordly, scoring a career high 41 points (9 three pointers) in a game that should seriously dent the Longhorns’ cred as a national title contender.

If you’re wondering why Mike Krzyewski kept his starters in the game for so long with such a massive lead, well, you’ve seen the ads. His life isn’t about playing games.

My enjoyment of today’s Indiana/Kentucky game was compromised by a local tavern’s questionable decision to show the Oklahoma State/Gonzaga contest instead (though Adam Morrison’s game winning 3 at the buzzer was nice for those of us that like watching Eddie Sutton hang his head). I pledge to never leave the house again on a Saturday afternoon, unless there’s a fire (and perhaps not even then).