I guess Charlie Ward wasn’t available. (video link taken from True Hoop)

Besides recommending that a) the Nets get off Vince Carter’s case and b) the Bucks and Wizards try playing a little D every now and then, the New York Sun’s John Hollinger has a rather combative New Year’s Resolution for the Knicks’ Isiah Thomas.

Quit with the excuses. Better yet, just quit. Every time something bad happens to the Knicks, there’s Isiah with his Cheshire grin explaining how it was really somebody else’s fault. Either the refs didn’t give them enough respect, or the opponent was playing over their heads, or George Karl was running up the score. But it has nothing to do with Isiah, even though he’s put together the most spectacularly overpaid roster in basketball history and is riding it to another finish in the lottery ” minus the stud draft pick that comes at the end. He’s 13“20 and in danger of finishing in the bottom half of the worst division in history. At this point, the end can’t possibly come soon enough.