Ok, a moment away from TV and the Twitter. From the Tallahassee Democrat:

In a March 18 letter to the Samford University president, Florida State University President T.K. Wetherell apologized for a comment he made at a Tuesday news conference that could have been associated with Samford.

The letter, addressed to the university’s president, Andrew Westmoreland, says Wetherell is “deeply embarrassed and very sorry for the remark in which I inadvertently described Samford University in an unflattering manner.”

The letter goes on to say:

“I was speaking with the reporters about Head Football Coach Bobby Bowden’s winning record, and, in reference to his record at smaller institutions, I said that I was not concerned with a certain Orlando Sentinel sports reporter’s challenge of Coach Bowden’s win record ‘at dip**** schools.’ I immediately apologized to the group and said that I meant ‘smaller schools, a long time ago.

Mike Bianchi, the Orlando Sentinel scribe in question, has previously documented most of this.

So if Samford University’s a dipshit school, what sort of word would Wetherell use to describe the NCAA penalties? “Pissant” doesn’t seem colorful enough, though Bobby says it’s like “they’re killing a flea with a hammer.”