Hello Gerard Cosloy

I would love to send you a review copy of one the books that we published this Fall.

As his millions of fans on ESPN Radio and ESPNU already know, Colin Cowherd is the rare sports analyst who’s brave (or crazy) enough to speak his mind—even if it pisses some people off. Of course, it helps that a lot of what Colin has to say is simply hilarious. YOU HERD ME! is on sale November 19.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Very best,

Marketing Manager, Harmony Books

Thank you, Ms. (NAME REDACTED) for your generous offer. I do realize a major publishing company (or in this case, Harmony Books) needs to do everything in their power to generate buzz for a new title, and I am very flattered that you’d give me all of 12 days advance notice to drop whatever I’m doing and start Colin Cowherd’s not-so-eagerly-awaited autobiography.

Given Cowherd’s history as a race-baiter, plagiarist and all-around unpleasant legend in his own, I can certainly see how his first book — perhaps the first he’s read, too —- might be of interest to my vast readership. However, in light of his daily radio and television musings (which present a rather compelling argument for the eradication of both mediums), I think we’ve had enough Colin for this lifetime.

Instead, I would encourage CSTB readers to check out a collection of letters from a person who had a far greater grasp on reality and his overall place in the universe.