Though the Shawn Marion-to-Chicago rumor has already been floated once (twice, even), here’s something else to chew on in advance of draft night.  Draft claims there’s a Rashard Lewis (above) for Marion swap in the works, along with the clubs exchanging picks.

Phoenix’s motive is to avoid the luxury tax for next season, which they are dangerously close to, and still keep the team competitive. The Suns still have to extend Boris Diaw for 5 years and anywhere from 44-55 million dollars, which would put them well above the luxury tax threshold. With Leonard Barbosa looking for a contract in the 7-8 million dollar range and Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Shawn Marion all making max or near max dollars, keeping their core together past next season does not appear very likely.

In addition to predicting Andrea Bargani might fall as low as no.7 or no. 8 on Wednesday, the Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell seems fairly certainly Allen Iverson is on the move, but perhaps not right away.

There’s little doubt Iverson is available. The Philadelphia 76ers are a team in need of a makeover because Iverson and Chris Webber aren’t going to get them anywhere.

Sixers chief Billy King would like to improve his draft position from No. 13 and Iverson would be the logical bait. Of course that implies there’s a taker for the roughly $60 million left on Iverson’s contract over the next three seasons.

One place that could make sense is Atlanta, where the Hawks are desperate for a star to draw fans to the arena. (Also, Iverson’s act might play better in Atlanta than Charlotte). The trouble with an Iverson-to-Atlanta scenario is the fractured ownership situation with the Hawks. They’re still fussing over who should buy out whom, and the Hawks-Thrashers lost a lot of money last season.

So signing off on $60 million more for Iverson is a reach.

Any deal involving Iverson might have to wait until July, when the NBA’s next fiscal year starts, often facilitating trades.

Though Portland’s interest in Adam Morrison is a poorly kept secret, Blazers Edge’s Lance Uppercut polls an expert panel (including persons who may or not exist) for their recommendations.

Though he warned last Friday that Larry Brown’s dismissal would rob him of valuable material, the New York Post’s Peter Vescey seems to be coping just fine.

Far be it from me to put a damper on Next Town Brown giving way to Clearance Thomas, but there are some problems I just can’t see him overcoming.

How can Isiah possibly coach the team and skulk in the runway at the same time? He’s been transfixed at that locale so long, Woody Allen accused him of hitting on Soon-Yi.

How can Isiah possibly coach the team during the game and avoid the media before and after it? He’s turned this tact into such an art form, several outposts on the Museum Mile want him as curator.

Now that he’ll be on the road for at least 41 games next season, can Anucha Browne Sanders trust him – or might it be time for some relationship counseling from the Strahans?