Portland’s Greg Oden countdown has begun. From the Oregonian‘s Jason Quick:

“The important thing is he’s moving well and he has the same explosiveness and athleticism as he did before the surgery,” [Blazers Assistant GM Tom] Penn said.

Oden’s most impressive stretch came early in the workout, when Demopoulos instructed Frye to lob passes near the rim as Oden filled the lane.

“Everything is a dunk, Greg!” Demopoulos shouted. “Everything is a dunk!”

Oden obliged, catching the passes in midair and finishing with mostly soft one-handed dunks. Occasionally, however, he unleashed a violent two-handed dunk, which raised the eyebrows of Demopoulos, Frye and Penn.

“That’s some nasty stuff,” Penn said. “And we’re not even going full speed.”

Midway through the workout, Oden had to be prodded more and more. He often rested his hands on his knees, and several times had to be reminded where to go, all while the superbly conditioned Frye dashed and darted around the court.

On one occasion Frye bee-lined toward the basket and was met by an outstretched Oden. The collision resulted in the 6-11, 245-pound Frye barreling backward while Oden held his ground. “That’s a big boy, man,” Frye said, smiling and shaking his head.