(fake cock. On the right, the Whizzinator.)

Just when it looked as though Sam Mitchell had soared past Tom Sizemore and was looking to challenge Scott Weiland for the status of CSTB’s No. 1 Icon, Sizemore has found his 2nd wind (and regretably, 2nd-hand urine as well). Yahoo News’ Sarah Hall reports.

The legally challenged thespian, on probation for abusing his ex-girlfriend Heidi Fleiss, landed behind bars Thursday at a scheduled hearing after a probation officer reported to the judge that Sizemore had failed a Feb. 1 drug test.

Judge Antonio Barreto Jr. informed Sizemore that his “drug use is out of control” and ordered him jailed. His bail was set at $25,000.

Sizemore’s attorney, Michael Rovell, told the Associated Press that the temperature of the Feb. 1 sample provided by Sizemore indicated that it was too low to have come from his body and that the Black Hawk Down star was accused of concealing a supply of clean urine on his person.

Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Robert Cha told Celebrity Justice that authorities had recovered from Sizemore a prosthetic penis attached to a pair of men’s underwear holding a container filled with clean urine.

The device, sold on the Internet under the name “The Whizzinator,” is often used to try and falsify drug test results. It retails for $150 and comes complete with dehydrated urine and heat packs designed to keep the sample at the proper temperature.

Cha said that Sizemore has been caught using the mechanism once before and has failed drug tests on numerous occasions.
Rovell said that Sizemore had denied cheating on the test and had offered to be tested again and had even passed a lie-detector test on the matter.

According to Celebrity Justice, Sizemore told the court that he is destitute and living in a garage in Whittier, California. He also reportedly claimed that he was an expectant father.

However, Rovell told the Associated Press that Sizemore is currently ensconced in a sober living facility in Whittier. He did not comment on the thesp’s alleged impending fatherhood.