Former Sirius/XM host Dino Costa has been a frequent subject of criticism in this space, and given his myriad transgressions over the years, it will surprise few to learn that he once again, finds himself struggling with scrutiny. Costa, whose career highlights have included calling the transgendered “it” (just this past month, he referred to Caitlyn Jenner as “a man who likes to dress as a woman”), questioning Barack Obama’s nationality, sounding a Truther alarm about the Boston Marathon bombings within hours of the event, a fake Twitter follower scandal that was roundly mocked by listeners and Sirius colleagues alike, a plagiarism scandal that was mocked by everyone else, losing his online venture’s sole advertiser within a day of inception, a workplace sexual harassment claim and calling former employer Chris Russo a fag, was recently hired as the new program director and 6-10am host for St. Louis’ KFNS (aka 590 The Fan). The station’s owner, Randy Markel, is the proprietor of cowboy-fetish supplier Chuck’s Boots, an admitted radio industry neophyte who quite possibly hasn’t fully vetted Costa or sought a reference from the last sucker to fully invest in Dino’s brand of hate-fuckery. And with that in mind, neither Markel or Costa’s new pal at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch might be aware that this past Friday night, Dino was accused by one listener of making personal threats.

Those familiar with the tweets of Harold Levenson, aka @cluckman25, know he’s relentless in badgering Costa. Whether that makes him more or less credible, is of course, up to you. The following is an email Q&A conducted over the weekend.

Q: How long have you listening to and/or following Dino Costa?
A : I came across him when he was on SXM, probably the second year he was there.

Q : It’s fair to say that you’ve been a frequent, some might say obsessive baiter of Costa on Twitter. Short of replying and/or blocking you, has Dino have sought you out via email or telephone? Has he ever tried to contact an employer or family member?

A: When Dino was at SXM I started a banter with him on twitter. He ended up blocking me. Several months after he was fired from SXM I got a VM from my friend of 20+ years, Anthony Menicola, who became Dino’s first investor in his online platform. I called them back and had a conversation with Dino. Even though I strongly disagree with Dino on just about anything he says I backed up this project for my friend. Dino unblocked me from twitter. It was during this time that Dino went on one of this twitter rampages against Chris Russo.

I suggested to Anthony that Dino stop trolling Russo as he looked like an amateur. A few hours later on got a DM from Dino stating “GET YOUR DICK OUT OF RUSSO’S MOUTH, GET ON BOARD THIS TRAIN OR GET THE FUCK OFF”.

That was it for me. I am not the type of person who is going to support someone like this even for a good friend. So I started getting on him on twitter.

After his online venture failed he started attacking me. Calling me a raging homosexual (I am straight, not that being gay is a bad thing). He stole Facebook photos of my family and myself and started posting them on Twitter with homophobic insults that are too gross to print. In January 2015 he called my employer to say I was harassing him, which I find ironic since he is such an avid 1st Amendment supporter. My boss laughed at him. He also threatened to call the police. Below is e-mail from Dino from January of this year :

Legal team is next as I explained to your human resources director…my call was one of courtesy as I was doing you a favor. I was instructed by our ownership group to make the initial phone call before determining if legal counsel was needed.

Nobody ‘stole’ pictures, and if they did, we have a pretty stronger case than we ever imagined.

I will be phoning Christine one more time this coming Monday for one other crucial piece of news she needs to be made aware of.

All of your tweets over 9 months, emails, IP address info showing a diabolical obsessiveness, your stalking of me, other fans of my show, their own testimony, all of this is ready for lift off the second you act again.

Your use of your company computer with recorded IP address and the pretty incredible amount of recorded time you have used to be on our website is almost stunning to consider and paints a picture of a pretty maniacal and single minded person.

Your phone call to the Florida radio station, again, recorded, documented paperwork obtained by our legal counsel.

You have harassed and stalked with a criminal intent, if this was on the street you’d be prosecuted, and I would not rule that out at this juncture either.

I’m actually begging you to continue your juvenile conduct.

We indicated we answered you with pictures and comments and dropped to your levels momentarily.

The next move is yours – then our legal counsel will take over.

I’d suggest you continue to send me messages of all kinds like the one you did to get this response. You have been on record for 9 straight months..that won’t be stopping anytime soon.

Your most recent email will be sent to your company…there are now total of 12 other individuals waiting to contact your employer with similar if not exact stories.

Merry Christmas.


Q : Please explain the approximate time and nature of Dino’s comments directed at you on Periscope Friday night.

A: The Periscope transmission was on around 8pm West Coast time so 10pm STL time. Dino was coming back from the Blues game and was Periscoping during his ride back. I was on egging him on a bit, he started going off. For about 10 minutes he was lacing into me calling me a cocksucker. Then went on to say my father was a degenerate pig who did a broke cab driver. Saying my mother was a whore who constantly got fucked at my father’s club (side note : my father owned Plato’s Retreat in the 70’s).

Q : Had you send anything to Dino recently that would’ve provoked a direct threat of violence?

A: After Dino ranted on about my father and mother for 15 minutes on Periscope I said something about his family. He then looked into the phone and said “If I ever meet you I will kill you, and it will be very slow. Blood is my game, I love blood.”

Q : Have you considered contacting law enforcement?

A: I did consider it.

Q : Do you think there’s ever a point where calling out a public figure crosses a line? You’ve certainly done your best to get under Dino’s skin ; most halfway mature/intelligent persons would simply ignore the abuse, but you know he’s got a short temper. Do you take any satisfaction in goading him into what some might consider criminal activity?

There are plenty of instances I believe a person crosses the line. But Dino crosses it every day, he trolls people on Twitter like Peter King, Chris Russo etc. But if someone disagrees with him, he attacks and when he feels attacked, he threatens lawsuits. Its a one way street with Dino. Of course there is satisfaction getting under his skin since it shows how thin skinned he is for an industry that he believes he is the king of

Q :Ideally, what would you like to see happen to Costa?

A: I would like Dino to get professional help.