New England 40, St. Louis 22

How’s this for rubbing it in? New England’s kicker (Adam Vinatieri) threw a TD pass, LB Mike Vrabel caught another, and WR Troy Brown almost picked off a Marc Bulger pass. Good thing Warren Sapp and William Perry weren’t available, otherwise Belichick might’ve had them going deep.

(FB Kevin Faulk lumbering for a short gain, knowing he could be replaced by Teddy Bruschi at any moment)

Bears 28, Giants 24

Much like average NY teams of the past, these Giants have a habit of playing up or down to the level of their opposition. Or in this case, much lower. 5 turnovers, Kurt Warner sacked 7 times, 1 for 15 on 3rd down, etc. NY blew a golden opportunity to gain ground on Philly today ( losers for the first time in ’04 to the Steel Curtain, 27-3 in a game that was over by halftime) but they’ve got zero chance of overtaking the Eagles if games like this and Detroit two weeks ago are anything to go by.

Arizona 24, Miami 23

If you watched this one from begining to end, you were either paid to do so or you’re related to one of the players. And I’m not sure either of those are acceptable excuses.

San Diego 43, New Orleans 17

Unlike stopgapper Kurt Warner in NY, Drew Brees(above) is looking an awful lot like the Bolts’ QB of the present, future and whatever comes after the future. There’s got to be a good sitcom idea for Philip Rivers, Eli Manning and Darko out there, so feel free to send it this way and I’ll make sure you get paid.

On one of those not-at-all pathological ESPN chats today, ex-Saints coach Mike Ditka was asked if a team with the kind of breakout talent that New Orleans posesses (Joe Horn, Deuce McAllister, Joe Horn) continuously makes the same dumb mistakes and underachieves in general, is it the players’ fault or that of the coach. Ditka, perhaps showing a command of irony previously unshown, replied “the coach.”

Washington 17, Detroit 10

Clinton Portis’ game-winning TD pass to Lavernanus Coles was the ugliest spiral thrown by an adult male since Garo Yepremian in Super Bowl VII, though no points are awarded for style (which is a shame, because if they were, Morris Day would’ve passed George Blanda on the all-time list many years ago).