Though I’m certain Austin pastor Mark Weaver’s heart is the right place, an article about his community work in today’s American-Statesman poses a very simple, unanswered question.

If Weaver is truly bothered with being propositioned by strangers whenever he visits area video arcades and adult bookstores, perhaps he might want to consider spending his leisure time elsewhere? Though he is obviously a very attractive man (as shown above) and it is understandable on some level that he’d have no shortage of suitors, surely there are places Weaver can frequent where sex acts with strangers are not the order of the day.

Churches, of course, are off limits, but what about the public library, Borders bookshop, Fuddruckers Hamburgers, or Home Depot? If things have degenrated to the point where none of the above establishments can be patronized without getting hit with a cock in the face, the problem is much bigger than I realized (which would also account for the popularity of all of the above).