From the Chicago Sun Times’ Mike Kiley.

Dusty Baker makes news even when he says he doesn’t want to.

The Cubs manager was asked to elaborate during his press briefing Sunday morning on comments he made in a San Francisco Chronicle column that he is intent on making no news this season — except about the Cubs winning.

“Just straight baseball,” Baker told columnist Ray Ratto in a story that appeared in Sunday’s Chronicle. “No drama.”

He fleshed out those remarks Sunday by reflecting on how some past comments grew into unwanted controversy in Chicago.

“It hasn’t gotten me anywhere,” Baker said. “The last couple years have been full of drama, which I’m not used to. I just want to win. That’s No. 1.

“I haven’t changed, and I’m not going to change. Just choose different forms for different things.”

Wise thoughts from The King Of Giant Wristbands, especially as his crosstown counterpart has already shown what a terrible distraction a manager with a big mouth can be. And who would want to emulate Ozzie Guillen, given his recent accomplishments?