Prior to this evening’s Yanks/Devil Rays clash, the Journal News’ Peter Abraham reported that Gary Sheffield’s been working out with Winky Wright (above). Setting his own personal training regiment has worked wonders for Sheff in the past, so I see no reason why anyone should be troubled by this.

Seriously, the only way I’d figure a Jaret Wright/Jae Seo duel to end in a 1-0 result would’ve been if both pitchers were seriously injured in the first inning.

The LA Times’ Tim Brown claims the Diamondbacks and Jason Grimsley are nearing a resolution of the dispute surrounding the pitcher’s remaining salary (link courtesy The Griddle). Supposedly, the outstanding amount will go to charity.

South Side Sox’s The Cheat rejoices over the successful “Punch A.J.” Campaign :

When the initial ballot for the 32nd man contest was revealed, I didn’t think Pierzynski had a chance. He’s probably the second most reviled player in the game, with enemies in nearly every city with a baseball franchise, yet your collective effort outweighed that of the rest of the nation. For that you should be commended. For the second straight year you guys have shown the rest of baseball that you can send anyone, no matter how hated, to the All-Star game.

The Sporting News’ David Kindred pays homage to Twins C Joe Mauer with an effort that Aaron Gleeman deems uninspired.

This is far from an example of plagiarism, but rather what happens when people outside of Minnesota try to write about something happening in Minnesota. It’s nothing new. If you were to look back through every mainstream media article about Santana, Kirby Puckett, and Kevin Garnett, I’d bet that at least half of them contain some reference to Bunyan or Prince.

Plus, can you imagine if the national media deemed it a noteworthy story every time a star athlete from New York or California dated a woman who has won a beauty competition? They’d run out of paper within days and test the limits of space on the internet. Mauer is simply carrying on a long tradition of people having absolutely nothing original to say about Minnesota.

Yikes. I’ll save that “Joe Mauer is the hottest thing to come out of the Twin Cities since that Bastards sleeve with the transvetite cock” piece for after the All-Star Break.

Jeff Kallman on Lame Duck Dusty :

Following a meeting with general manager Jim Hendry, Dusty Baker said that he feels, quote, comfortable about keeping his job. Why do I think Cub Country feels more comfortable about non-anesthetised open-heart surgery?

David Ortiz hit a two run HR off Mark Buerhle in the first inning tonight, as Boston leads the White Sox, 4-2. Jon Lester has worked his way out of serious trouble a couple of times tonight, but continues to struggle (6 hits, 4 IP, 3 K’s) in a battle of two clubs with far too much All-Star game representation.