From the AP :

“The process of negotiating this contract was complex, lengthy and highly unconventional,” Magowan wrote Monday in his letter, obtained by The Associated Press on Friday. “This decision was not taken lightly and we spent significant time evaluating all of the elements and circumstances surrounding the negotiations before we made a final determination to move forward.

“Of particular concern were the allegations against Barry in the New York Daily News on January 12th,” Magowan wrote. “We consider any action by one player to unfairly damage the reputation of another player to be a serious matter. Based on the information that we have at hand in this matter and in discussions with both players, all of the facts have not been accurately portrayed.

“After evaluating the situation and its potential impact on clubhouse chemistry, we came to the conclusion that the Giants’ players will be able to function as a team committed to supporting each other and dedicated to doing everything they can to succeed on the playing field.”

“Additionally, we felt that with these assurances, signing Barry to a one-year contract helped us pursue a long-term strategy toward getting the club back on track,” Magowan wrote. “With his presence in our lineup and only a one-year contractual commitment, we were able to avoid the temptation to trade away some of our valuable young pitching talent and were able to free up long-range funds to acquire a front-line pitcher. …

“I understand that this has been a particularly controversial and difficult decision and that there are strong opinions on both sides of the issue. I received letters, e-mails, phone calls and had many conversations with many of our season ticket holders during our Fanfest. I truly appreciate your passion for the Giants as we work through these complex issues. At the end of the day, I believe we have put together an exciting team for the coming season.”

The day after P Victor Zambrano signed a minor league contract with Toronto, the Mets have extended the pact of pitching coach Rick Peterson by 10 minutes three years.