(not an accurate depiction of your author engaged in research yesterday. For one thing, my screen’s bigger).

First of all, whoever suggested Texas Tech/T.C.U. would be Saturday’s most entertaining game really needs to stick to a sport he knows something about. Speed-typing, perhaps.

That aside, yesterday featured an embarrassment of riches even before the evening games rolled around. BC’s 2nd double O.T. win in consecutive weekends, this one a 30-23 nail-biter over BYU, was a classic ‘which-kicker-will-fuck-up next?’ encounter. I just hope the result doesn’t impact plans for season 2 of “Big Love” because I’m looking forward to a New York Times editorial proclaiming it to be television’s 4th or 5th finest show. You can’t have a backlash without a suitable frontlash.

Auburn’s home win over L.S.U. was the most exciting 7-3 game I’ve seen. I think Craig Davis is still laying face first in the grass at Jordan-Hare.

OU’s 34-33 loss to Oregon
was marred by crap officiating…and an even worse first quarter by the hosts. Still, I’d watch this one again, especially if you could guarantee I’d see the new Geico spot with the caveman on the airport conveyor belt.

I’m trying to think of something diplomatic to say about Texas’ 52-7 demolition of Rice. Here goes : their best efforts to the contrary, the Longhorns defense just couldn’t keep an offensive mastermind like Major Applewhite off the scoreboard.

Clemson’s clumsy protection while kicking nearly cost them last night in Tallahasee
, and while I can’t deny the 4th quarter made for compelling TV, it does seem a shame that something called the Bowden Bowl isn’t on Al-Quada’s hitlist.