…but True Hoop’s Henry Abbott is the one taking a harsh beating.  Man, if I wanted to get half that many nasty comments, I’d have to dump on the “Stacy’s Mom” band and Barrett Robbins in the same post.

Philly isn’t the only NBA team having a tough time with their European Vacation. Former Dookie Trajan Langdon led CSKA Moscow with 17 points in a 94-75 defeat of the Los Angeles Clippers.

I’ve been a little occupied with this whole Dave Foley email/IM scandal and totally missed the boat on Gilbert Arenas sponsoring a Halo team.  Observes Wizznutzz,

Agent 0 breaks HALO color barrier! FInally blacks in gaming management!
He wants to be Bernie Bickerstaff of HALO!

One kid also said Gilbert was “coolest guy I ever met”.
Hey son, hes also the blackest you ever met!

There hasn’t been this kind of buzz with an NBA baller and video games since Q-Bert machine at the Rockville Pike PuttPutt had high score reading: KUPCHK84