First time/short time reader Scott Sullivan writes,

Hi Gerard,

I caught your blog after doing a quick Google search of “Scott Ferrall”. The reason I did the search in the first place, was because after coming home last night from a few 4th of July events, I could not believe my ears. After surfing the dial for a quick sports fix, I thought for the love of god….noooooooooo! But indeed, it was the former screechy voiced idiot filling-in (for one day only) on Fox Sports Network’s JT the Brick show airing here on 1130-am in Detroit. I had to pinch myself and wonder if I was sent back in a time machine to the year 1995? “Ferrall on the Bench” was absolutely unlistenable. The horrible heavy metal music bed…the constant cracking of the beer cans…and the sound of his voice, which was perhaps worse than hearing fingernails on a chalk board.

I just prayed I wouldn’t wake-up this morning and hear the “Fabulous Sports Babe” doing her god awful show. Amazing to think how far sports radio has come in the last decade.

Thanks, Steve. But after after hearing Mark Madden sub for Mike & Mike on ESPN this past Holiday Monday, I’m not sure I concur about sports radio having progressed. And that’s to say nothing of Stephen A. Smith’s current gig on NYC’s ESPN 1050, the aforementioned J.T. The Brick-for-Brains, Bruce Jacobs, Scott Weitzel….Russo & Francesca, what hath you wrought on the airwaves of this great nation? I won’t admit to getting nostalgic for Ferrall, but there mornings and late nights when Richard Neer’s hairpiece has more common sense than any of the new breed.